Why this app is better than Utube kids?

This app has full parental control. Your kids will be watching only those videos which you think are the best for them.

How gizmos affect the kids?

Gizmos offer everything that keeps children absorbed even while they are actually hungry because they serve curiosity, fun, wonder, inspiration, etc! They need not do anything more than touching screens! Art and craft need more effort but less fun!

Read the Journal of Depression and Anxiety - The Impact of using Gadgets on Children

How does this app help to reduce the screen time of the kids?

This app does not show any autosuggestion or recommendations to your kids while they are watching your selected videos, so they have a very limited choice of video content to watch which helps to reduce the screen time of your kids.

How this app helps kids' motor skills?

Nowadays the biggest problem is that kids spend a lot of time on digital screens such as mobiles, TV etc. Motor skills develop with playing activities, as explained in the above point this app reduces screen time, hence better motor skills development.

How is this app helping parents in their kids' learning?

Kids are innocent and they do not know what they are watching. Using this app, you can only make them watch the videos that are fun but also support learning.

How Utube or Utube kids apps are adversely affecting your kids' language?

These apps showing unnecessary auto-suggestion/recommendations without knowing your kid's native language. So you never know your kids are watching videos in which language.

Technological advancement has changed the way kids pursue their hobbies. Most of them are hooked to electronic gadgets and are losing interest in art and crafts. Is this robbing them of their childhood and simple joys of life? Must read the answers of the parents here - https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/speak-out/Are-kids-more-interested-in-gizmos-than-art-amp-crafts/debateshow/45673594.cms

Is this app ads free?

This app is totally ads free for lifetime.

Can my kid accidentally delete a playlist?

Because before the video can be deleted, it requires solving a simple math equation.

Why is this app asking for a subscription when searching for a Utube video?

Copying youtube videos one by one into your playlist is free for a lifetime. But in the Utube search, we are using Utube paid APIs which cost us a lot every month. That is why we are asking for a monthly subscription for this feature.

How is this app helping my kid in speaking their native language?

Research says kids learn very fast from surroundings - If you will only make them watch the videos in your native language, it will help them learn your native language only.

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