Don't control your kids control their screen.

"Show them what is relevant."



Why this app is better than Utube kids?

This app has full parental control. Your kids will be watching only those videos which you think are the best for them.

How this app helps kids' motor skills?

Nowadays the biggest problem is that kids spend a lot of time on digital screens such as mobiles, TV etc. Motor skills...

Can my kid accidently delete a playlist?

Because before the video can be deleted, it requires solving a simple match equation.

Steps To Customise Video Content

1 search-icon
Search A Video

Search for any youtube video and add it to your kTube playlist.

2 copy-icon
Copy Youtube Link

Or just copy the youtube link & paste it in the kTube app. Tadaaaa!

3 playlist-icon
Enjoy Your Playlist

Enjoy the video bunch you have created.

Key Features

Good parenting is all about making sure your kid is in safe housekeeping institution even when you are not around, he watches what is relevant. Because, ultimately a child becomes what he sees.

  • step-1Full Parental Control
  • step-2Manage Your Own Playlist
  • step-3No Hidden Fees
  • step-4Minimal Subscription Charge

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